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Success Story

Three questions with John LoPriore

John founded LoPriore Insurance Agency in 1995 and counts on Northern Bank for a variety of small business banking services. We recently spoke with John about his agency and the many advantages of banking locally. 

What’s the benefit of working with a local small business?

There are a lot of small and mid-sized businesses that offer a great deal to the local community. Personally, I feel as if I can devote more time to building relationships with people. We are a local insurance agency that understands our community. This helps us to understand our customers and provide insurance products and stellar service to all of them.

Why did you choose Northern Bank?

Right from the beginning, we noticed how unbelievably accommodating everyone from Northern Bank was. Being able to communicate directly to decision-makers and having access to a variety of banking products was important to me. Bottom line: If I need something, I can count on you guys – I know that you’re going to be behind me.

What is a similarity between LoPriore Insurance Agency and Northern Bank?

We both understand that it’s not just about the business it’s about the people. We care about the people we serve and are committed to long-term partnerships with them. The customers we deal with – they’re lifers – our clients stay around for a long time because they trust us and count on us to help them. Like working with Northern Bank, it was my desire to do business with the same bank for a long time. Both LoPriore Insurance Agency and Northern Bank build lifetime relationships and have a history with their customers. For example, if a customer is buying a new home – we’re excited and in it with them – that’s what you guys are like too.

About LoPriore Insurance Agency

LoPriore Insurance Agency provides competitive insurance products and personalized service to its valuable clients. At LoPriore, there are no “one-size-fits-all” insurance solutions. Instead, it provides personalized service and products that fit their customers’ lifestyle.

This personalized service has always provided John and his employees with the opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers that evolve over time. With his agency approaching its 27th anniversary, John has managed to retain the same values and quality of service he has always offered to his customers. 

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