Cash Management

You focus on growing your business. We'll focus on streamlining your banking.

Improve your cash flow and administrative efficiency.

You know the value of seamless cash flow. We have the tools and the cash management team to make that a reality for your business. No matter what your size or location, Northern Bank can put the right cash management products and services to work for you.



Deposit checks from your office using a special scanner and your computer.

Make deposits on the go with our mobile app.

Have your clients mail checks to a Lockbox managed by Northern Bank.

Take advantage of Smart Safe daily courier and credit service.

Get great rates, next business day availability of credit payments and easy online access to your Northern Merchant accounts.


Save time and trouble.

Reduce trips to the branch.

Ensure client checks are safe.

Keep cash secure on premises.

Enjoy added convenience.



Use ACH origination for employee direct deposit, vendor payments and distributions.

Initiate international and domestic wire transfers.

Have bill payments sent by the bank electronically or via a paper check, eliminating the need for a checkbook.


Streamline your transactions.

Do business anywhere in the world.

Pay bills quickly with online banking.

Cash Management Solutions

Reduce back office hours and streamline your banking tasks.

However your customers want to pay you, Northern Bank's Cash Management team has the solutions you need to ensure faster deposit into your account, at a lower cost.


Your time is precious. Let our Cash Management team help you save time and money in managing your account payables.


Save time, invest and optimize your cash flow securely.

Ready to take the next step? We're here to help!

Contact our Cash Management Team to learn more about how Northern Bank can help you realize your goals and dreams.