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Success Story: Franchise Lending

Commitments you can count on.

James and Sarah Cammilleri owned and operated 12 successful Burger King franchises. When they decided to significantly expand their operation, they needed to secure a franchise loan to get the deal done.

Franchise Expansion Challenge

James and Sarah had the opportunity to grow their Burger King franchise business from 12 to 59 locations. They wanted to make the acquisition as soon as, and efficiently, as possible. They spoke to one bank about a loan and they were told they should wait another year before expanding. That's when they got in touch with Northern Bank.

The Northern Bank Solution
"Northern Bank was a godsend for us," explains Sarah. "Other banks we talked to spent all their time trying to sell themselves to us versus working with us. We always struggled to get a bank to come alongside us and collaborate with us. Northern Bank has been that perfect partnership."

"The whole deal was a challenge," James added. "We were presented with an offer to buy 47 locations. Going from 12-59 locations is a big jump. Northern Bank came in eager to help and ready to work with us on it. They did their homework. They saw we had strong financials and we were capable of doing this. They helped us overcome the hurdles and got the deal done."

A Growing Partnership

"Expanding our franchises has allowed us to not only build a successful business operation, but also to give back to others, and that's really important to us," James said. "We had the chance to go on a trip to Haiti and help build schools and churches and provide more food to children. That's vital work we'll continue to do."

"Our philosophy is to put people first, both in our business and in our personal lives," he continued. "Northern Bank helps us achieve our business goals and that enables us to give back in a way that is meaningful for us, which includes taking good care of our employees. When Northern Bank gives you a commitment, you know you can count on it. We don't want to be with any other bank."

About James and Sarah Cammilleri

Operating successful Burger King franchises is a family affair for James and Sarah Cammilleri. James started working with his father in 1989 and purchased two restaurants of his own by 2000. He and Sarah met on the job and over the next 18 years, they worked side by side to grow their holdings to 12 restaurants throughout the greater New York area. In 2020, they acquired 47 new Burger King locations - their biggest expansion to date. The Cammilleris attribute their success to hard work and to their belief in giving back to others. Through their non-profit organization, Elevating Christian Ministries, the Cammilleris feed over 30,000 Haitian children per day.

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