December 3, 2021

SVP John Starling answers 1031 Exchange FAQs

John Starling, Senior Vice President of Northern 1031 Exchange, answers frequently asked questions regarding like-kind exchanges in a 2019 article published in the New England Real Estate Journal.

In this piece, Starling reiterates the benefits of tax deferred exchanges, including improved cash flow, resolved management problems, increased leverage and enhanced opportunity for greater wealth appreciation. Then he goes on to list the key exchange questions on most investors’ minds and provides expert answers.

So, what do investors want to know most about 1031 Exchange? How does it Work? How can a Qualified Intermediary help you implement this process? What does a Qualified Intermediary do? What are the requirements for reinvesting in a replacement property? What is considered like-kind property? What properties do not meet the 1031 requirements? What is the sequence of events and how to get started?

This article provides an in-depth overview of the exchange process and highlights the important details needed to do an exchange. Both season exchangers and first-timers will find it insightful and informative.

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