Senior Credit Analyst

This position is responsible for reviewing prospective opportunities brought to the bank by the loan officers. The Senior Credit Analyst gathers and analyzes credit information on current and potential borrowers and determines the advisability of granting credit on incoming business. Responsible for completing credit application to include detailed SWOT analysis. The best interests of the bank must be considered in the decision-making process.  Strong understanding of underwriting, prospective loans from loan officers. (Includes various calculations/credit analyses in forming an opinion on the customer.   Monitor Loan portfolio (includes maintaining several reports to monitor trends in the loan portfolio. Line of Credit maturity list is maintained to inform loan officers of lines which must be renewed upon maturation.            



  • 6+ years’ experience underwriting commercial loans

  • Analytical skills - Skills necessary for evaluating loans and making recommendations for Executive committee and Board of Directors.Ability to analyze financial information including financial statements and tax returns.

  • Mathematical Skills - Skills necessary to complete calculations needed to evaluate underwriting process such as Loan to value, cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement

  • Microsoft Word- Must be proficient in word, and familiar with basic computer applications.

  • Microsoft Excel-Must be proficient in Excel to maintain reports and monitor loan portfolio.