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Looking for a local partner to support your business? Find out how Northern Bank have supported local businesses like yours!

“Northern Bank believed in us every step of the way.” Read more. Joe Calareso III, Calareso Farmstand & Garden Center, Reading

“Northern Bank has always been in our corner.” Read more. Valerie Pavlidis, The Last Corner Restaurant, Reading

“Northern Bank has always been there when we’ve needed them.” Read more. Adam Pollock, Pro-Care Incorporated, Reading

“Northern Bank has been so supportive of our business. They enjoy watching us grow as much as we do.” — John Earle Johnny Cupcakes

 “Northern Bank has helped fuel our business success.” Read more. Bill and Rick Camuso, Walkers Brook Road Service Station, Reading

“They provide a high degree of personal service.” Read more. Dennis Frazier, Cooling Unlimited, Reading

“There’s no question, Northern Bank has played a major role in the success of ElecComm.” — Stephen & Sean Martin ElecComm

“Northern Bank is comfortable dealing with my business. They really know me.”  — John G. Harrington Harrington Wine & Liquors

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